Filmul ”ARMÂNII – de la faimoșii Manakia la Nu sunt faimos…” a fost prezentat într-o proiecție specială la Festivalul Internațional de Film Manakia Brothers din Macedonia. Mai jos puteți citi știrea lor legată de acest eveniment:

The Aromanians from the famous Manaki to `I`m not famous` is the title of the Vlach film directed by Toma Enache which was specially screened within the ICFF “Manaki Brothers”, out of competition. It is a chronological sequence of the beginnings Manaki brothers work until the first film entirely shot on Aromanian (Vlach) language – „I’m not a celebrity, but I am Vlach” by Enache.
-This Documentary is an homage to the Manaki brothers and Bitola. It is a cross-section of the history of Vlachs from Manaki brothers until today. The film was shot with independent funds, with our own effort and shows how they are important for the Vlach history – highlighted Enache.
The director expressed gratitude for the opportunity to show the film at the festival and particularly underlined the cooperation with Cinematheque of Macedonia.
The documentary film “ARMÂNII, from the famous Manakia to I’m not famous…” is an exploration of the Aromanian world, from the first motion pictures shot in the Balkans by two Aromanians, film pioneers Yanaki and Milton Manakia, to the first film in the cinema history spoken in the Aromanian language, “I’m not famous but I’m Aromanian.” The director of the film is Toma Enache, directors of photography are Florin Toader and Cristi Sandulescu. And the screenplay is by Ana Teodora Vasu and Toma Enache.